Ahzalhea Designs – Tribe Member Ambassador Program



The Ahzalhea Ambassador program is an opportunity to build community, broaden your audience and make authentic connections. Our Ambassador team is continually working together to help support hand-crafted products and empowering you to find your inner goddess. Ahzalhea would not exist without our tribe, who is passionate about our apparel and our company philosophy. We always appreciate getting customer feedback, improvement suggestions for current designs, new design ideas, your thoughts on how we can build passion for our products or how to reach out to different “lifestyle” customers.

We are looking for loyal brand ambassadors to become a part of the Ahzalhea Tribe! Our aim is to share our passion about supporting small local companies with ethical and eco-conscious business practices. Become part of our tribe of ambassadors, embody your inner goddess and join the lifestyle that supports divinely feminine fashion.


Responsibilities of being an Ambassador 

As an Ahzalhea Brand ambassador, you will promote us throughout your community and social media platforms.  We ask all Ambassadors to provide us with photos and videos of you wearing your gear in every aspect of your life. We want you to share your inspirations and enthusiasm with our growing and like-minded community.


Criteria to be an Active Ambassador

  • Post at least 1 quality photo or video of you wearing Ahzalhea Apparel every week. Remember visual context and quality of content are incredibly important… this will increase the power of promotion and help drive the earnings you will receive!
  • Remain respectful and endorse in a positive way by sharing your fashion inspirations to your audience.
  • Include links to our website or social media, tag @ahzalhea in your photos, share details of specific brand items, and of course, share your unique and exclusive discount code.

Benefits of being an Ambassador

In return for your support, we will do everything in our power to promote and support you as our ambassador! This will include our efforts to help you grow and promote you as an influential leader in the community.

  • You will be offered a 10% discount code that can be shared with your friends, family members and followers anywhere. When they make a purchase, they can use that discount code during checkout.
  • You will also be offered 40% off 1 of each style limited to 5 items. These items are exclusively for you and to be used in your photos and posts.
  • Once you share your exclusive discount code; every individual who uses that code on Ahzalhea Apparel will receive a 10% discount on their purchase(s) and– you will earn 5% percent of their total purchases (not including taxes or shipping) for as long as you remain an active Ahzalhea Ambassador.  This can be used toward store credit or paid monthly through paypal.
  • We will share your content to promote you and help you grow your audience.
  • We will add your picture on our ambassador page with links and a brief bio, and will be featuring a monthly blog on the Ambassador Goddess spreading the most love.

Becoming an Ahzalhea Tribe member!

We choose ambassadors based on enthusiasm and engagement with your community both locally and virtually. Writing, photography and social media skills are important but mostly we’re looking for inspiration and involvement! Your representation as an ambassador is simple: to passionately represent the spirit of Ahzalhea Apparel throughout the time of your ambassadorship. We’re excited to hear from you, please fill out the Ahzalhea ambassador application today!

To be considered for the Ahzalhea Tribe ambassadorship, please fill out this form.