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Ahzalhea mission is…

to empower you to find your best self, love your body, and live free. Step into a body of art and movement. Wear your curves. You are beautiful.

The start of what was to become Ahzalhea began in 2008 with a limited selection of festival-inspired clothing, wire wrapped jewelry, and faux fur hooded scarves (burning man inspired!). 

Now, the business has grown and evolved…

to offer hand-dyed, cut and braided apparel in a vast variety of selections and styles. Ahzalhea offers a treasure trove of apparel for women of all shapes and sizes. All products are cut and hand-dyed in the maker’s studio in Bellingham, WA.

About the Maker

I am Laura Hale – a wife, mother, yoga lover, and movement enthusiast with a passion for crafting apparel that empowers your inner goddess to come out and play. 

Laura Hale

I have had a love for design ever since making my own prom dress with my Mom in high school.

Then when I discovered festivals, the design bug only grew stronger. I loved the festival life, the bold wardrobes, staying up late, and everything that came with it… until my health began to suffer in response. I knew I needed a change.

When I moved away from the city and began to heal, I found yoga… and my life completely transformed. I fell in love with my community, my business, my body, and my life. Ever since I have been dedicated to bringing something unique to the movement world.

Ahzalhea combines my festival days with my current active and healthy lifestyle,…

creating a blend of festival wear, dancewear, activewear, and everyday wear… each its own piece of handmade art.

Over the years one thing remains the same – my dedication to keeping you wild and free like the powerful goddess you are. Without you, there would be no business to have. Without you, there would be less joy in creating things. You make it possible for creativity to spill and thrive. You share a part of my happiness when I get to share my creations with those that cherish them.

You are the ones who make Ahzalhea possible! THANK YOU!

Find your best self. Be bold. Love your body. 



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