About the Maker

Ahzalhea is a one woman shop dedicated to keeping you wild and free.  Specializing in hand dyed, cut and braided apparel made for everyday movement.

I started creating at a very young age, always cutting up or altering my own clothing. I started sewing in high school when I decided to make my own prom dresses with my Mom, which sparked a love for designing. In 2008 I started my own business making festival inspired clothing, wire wrapped jewelry, and faux fur hooded scarves(burning man inspired). I was living in Seattle at the time and I loved festivals, going out, staying up late, and all of the things that came with staying up late. I was living large…


When my health started deteriorating, I decided I needed to make some big changes. I moved out of the city, started getting rest, and then found yoga. I completely fell in love… with my life, my body, my community, my business, and I met my husband in the process.  My life did a complete 180.  Still running my business, I decided to blend my past with my new current self to embody both of my worlds in a healthy nourishing way. My designs combine my festival days with my current active and healthy lifestyle, creating a blend of festival wear, dancewear, activewear, and everyday wear that is a piece of handmade art. I want to empower you to find your best self.


My products are made to enhance the lives of those who are passionate about yoga, fitness, health and happiness. Everything is made in my home studio in the Pacific Northwest, where, when I am not working, I love to explore. I strive to be eco-conscious in my business. All of my products are made in the USA. I reuse and recycle packaging material and I donate my fabric scraps to be reused by other crafters.

Laura Hale

Laura Hale

Creator & Designer