Tis a full moon which always stirs my mind a little bit. Especially today, because full moon or not, a lot has been stirring beneath my surface. I’ve taken steps toward healing. I’ve put full intention into self care and being a  woman, which means I connect to the divine feminine within. And there is this insane shift I encourage you to join me in. The shift means showing up for myself every day. It means as a woman I set bold and strong boundaries, despite who shakes the ground beneath me. It means I stand my sacred ground.


Ganesha is the elephant headed, pot belly, hindu deity, whom is known as the Remover of Obstacles. He is a character who reminds us to ground. He reminds us we are secure and safe.


He is a strong presence in my life and I felt him before others told me he was there. When I worked with a healer in Costa Rica, she noted his presence. When I was beat down in rehab treating my alcoholism and traumas, I sought refuge with a shaman practitioner. She noted his presence. I received an astrology reading, and there he is again. But the sweet soul who reads my astrology chart recommends black onyx because well, I am not a grounded person at all. I have my head in the clouds…I’m a typical pisces dreamer.


I consider good ol’ Ganesha my stable, strong reminder that I need to take care of myself before I take care of others. If I don’t, I am doomed. I consider Ganesha my reminder to slow down and enjoy the simple moments stitched in. I consider Ganesha the energy that swiftly reminds me to come back to earth and take small steps toward a more secure future. On a whacky, full moon Monday like today, Ganesha tells my ass to take a seat and be still for a moment before the day sprints past me.


Admittedly, I have recently relapsed in a few ways. I sought old patterns, my skin broke out, I isolated myself, leading to depression, and old shame stories showed their faces, holding me back from my strength… I sprinted through my days instead of dealing with the things I really needed to. But I had choices and with my awareness, these past two weeks have reminded me the power in owning my truth, the beauty that comes with treating my body like it is my home, and freedom in cleaning up my side of the street to move forward. In this process I again start to really notice and appreciate my foundation. The ground that has built me. The ground I have to return to. And once my side of the street is clean, I can be there for my sisters, the warriors, and the goddesses I join in strength and humble feminine energy. Because until then, what good is my word, if I cannot swallow my own medicine?

Standing Sacred Ground Means Self Care.

What does self care mean to you? Here’s what getting back on track these past 2 weeks have meant to me…

  • I meditate for 5 minutes every morning. Root and Sacral Chakra binaural beats play in the background. I repeat the words in my head, “My womb is powerful, graceful, and wise. I release any energy that is no longer serving my highest self.”


  • In between my day to day, I seek different coffee shops all over town. I  bring mindfulness into sipping my cup of joe. I journal, I study, I breathe, I listen


  • I bring mindfulness into my eating as well. I’ve never been a diet, restriction, type of person, but I simply focus on listening to my bodying filling it with food that gives me vitality and energy. I do get down on a Pizza now and again. It’s called balance!


  • I distance myself from negative energy. That sometimes even means I create distance from family or friends to take care of me.


  • I light a candle at night and drink tea. I cover myself in Eucalyptus cream and surrender to whatever comes up. Sometimes the night brings out the dark and I have to just be with all the feels


  • I move my body every damn day and I remember the importance in restoration just as much as going to Barre and getting my booty kicked


  • I set goals for my every day. I believe there is so much benefit to purpose and connection

All of these things are my radical self care intervention and I already feel more connected to the earth and to my sisters. Find the rituals that take YOU there. Remember that we can heal ourselves and it doesn’t have to be in strides. It can be in small steps. Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha. A Ganesha mantra… May you be grounded. May your womb be cleared of negativity, may you be free. And let your body lead. She is the original boss lady.